Modernizing the way media is delivered

The delivery technology built to optimize your
media distribution pipeline with intelligence and flexibility.

See how Streaming Global's Agile Pipeline Technology can help you create a more powerful and cost-effective delivery stack for live, linear and on-demand content.

Transform your pipeline from conventional to intentional

Processing video server-side is the least efficient method to deliver media over the Internet. This conventional approach is flawed creating numerous, expensive “bolt-ons” to improve performance and quality. That's why Streaming Global invented our patented Software-defined Agile Transport.

Conventional vs Intentional Pipeline

What is software-defined agile transport?

Dynamic, Software-defined Agile Transport adds intelligence to the pipeline, leveraging proven capabilities in cloud and smart devices. As a result latency and cost is drastically reduced.

No proprietary protocols or formats
No sacrificing existing infrastructure
Servers required to scale with conventional pipelines vs Streaming Global enhanced pipelines.

Savings at scale

Streaming Global saves media transport resources by reducing the costly processing steps in the delivery pipeline.

Minimize bandwidth usage required by other streaming protocols
Increase the amount of concurrent viewers supported on each server

unmatched benefits

Elimination of media processing overhead

elimination of media processing overhead

Zero Rebuffering icon

Zero Rebuffer events

Lower latency

up to 100x faster

Lower cost

up to 60% less cost

Mission critical situations

proven inmission critical situations

Reliability at scale

industry leading reliability at scale

Hybrid ad insertion

hybrid ad insertion support

now is the time to rethink your delivery pipeline

2020 - 2021Supersized Streaming

Media streaming watch time has increased by 250%

U.S. households accessing streaming servicesincreaseD by ~80%

Streaming consumption grew from 2 billion hours in April 2019 to 3.9 billion hours in April 2020

April 2020 Over 80% of all internet traffic is video

500% increase in searches for streaming platforms during the middle of march 2020

YouTube reaches more 18-45 year olds in a week than all cable providers combined

LinkedIn icon

Streaming on LinkedIn Live grew 158%

more demand. more challenges.

Increased demand for low latency

Increased demand for low latency

Greater pressure to succeed at scale

Greater pressure to succeed at scale

Rising costs

rising costs

Growing innovation barriers

growing innovation barriers

experience the streaming global difference

Streaming Global didn't invent streaming,it perfected it.

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